Tour Overview

What would happen if we take the sea, the mountains and the Northern Spanish climate and then we mixed them all up together? Well, it would be virtually impossible to find anything that wasn’t a feast for the eyes and that didn’t provide us with maximum motorcycle touring pleasure.

The Cantabrian massif runs for 480 kilometres parallel to the Cantabrian Sea from east to west, it is on average a hundred kilometres wide and finishes in the Galicia-León massif.

We arrive in Galicia along the coast and enjoy the breath- taking coastal scenery up to the border with Portugal, after which we head back inland and then enjoy touring through the valleys shaped by the tributaries of the river Duero. In this area we can see Romanesque architecture dating from the ninth to twelfth centuries; we shall pass along St. James’s Way and spend a rest day visiting some of the most important La Rioja wineries.

On our way back, we shall enjoy the wonderful landscapes along the coast of Vizcaya and Santander, an area whose cuisine is unrivalled.